Thursday, June 01, 2006


Here are some updates to some of the burning questions I know you all have...Ha...
Cameron is not going to Kindergarten in the fall. I am perfectly happy with my decision. (no, really, I am)
I have surrendered to the potty training battle.I just give up. I am "letting it go" My friend says that I am saying that too much to actually be "letting it go".
I see stairmaster guy at the gym a lot. He smiles at me and I just know he is thinking "that's the idiot that fell off the thing"
Disneyland sent my cell phone back to me. I had already bought another one.
I found my wallet.
There, now you are all caught up...

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Kristin said...

We waited for K as well... Jake got the "bonus" year, as did, it turns out, did most of his classmates.

Best decision... the boys who turned 6 the first few months of K are really doing better in 3rd than the boys who had turned 5 over the summer... I think in K there isn't much of a difference, but, as they get older, there is.