Monday, May 29, 2006


So, I am making a playlist for my ipod and decide to burn a CD for the car. As we are listening to it, Scott and I notice that one of the songs mentions the F-word. We did a double take-What did she just say? Ok, so we have to watch it with the kids in the car. Then as we listen more, we realize that there a a lot of songs on my new CD we have to watch! A surprising amount, actually! I swear I picked these songs randomly...Here are the songs on my playlist that have some sort of cuss word in them...
Shame on you- Indigo Girls
Close I've come-Ben Lee
you're' Beautiful-James Blunt. This one shocked me, I was blasting it in the car and where he says "I was flying high", on the radio, he says F-ing!Ummm, Hello! 4 year old in the back!!
Harder to breathe-Maroon 5
Jason Mraz-Who needs shelter
Whew, I guess this will just be for me to listen to by myself! What are the chances I would put them all on one CD?


Donna said...

I used to buy all of my son's CD's at Walmart because they only sold the clean versions. I don't know if that's still the case but you might try that in the future.

We even bought a Kid Rock CD there and it was perfectly okay!



Ninotchka said...

OMG I'd no idea that "You're Beautiful" song had f-ing in it. I hate it when that happens. I have some CD's that I have to watch around the kiddos. I usually turn down the bad word parts. But you would have to know it's coming! lol