Friday, March 30, 2007

Funny things heard lately...

Cameron heard the word "@ss" on the radio and asked what it meant. I explained that is is not a nice word for you rear end. I am dropping him off at the gym and he says loudly "Hey Mom!" "Yes?" "Nice @ss!"
Grace to a blonde haired, blue eyed friend at school "Where in China you come from??"
Grace to me when I was leaving school "Mommy, I need to kiss you goodbye on your breast!"

Monday, March 26, 2007

FFF Challenge

Bubbles! Cameron and Grace inside a bubble at a fun museum in Monterey...

Back in Bussiness!

No, my computer isn't fixed, but I can post pictures and I changed my E mail address to a G mail account. Comcast just could not seem to fix my problem. And now I can keep my E mail the same, even if I change Internet providers (which I should, after this whole mess). I have finished my Get Your Craft on project. My sister gave me the idea. It is a "taggie" blanket and I used fabric I already had and left over ribbon. I think it turned out cute...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have so much free time...

that I don't know what to do with it all! I didn't realize how much time I actually spent on the computer. Now that I have to borrow Scott's, I can only use it during the day. And with the job and two kids and all, that is only about an hour a day. Wow! The free time I have! I fold laundry! To work out! to start on my get your craft on project!To read the 20 magazines I receive that just sit in a pile! Maybe I shouldn't get my laptop fixed...I am still working on posting pictures and still have not received ONE e mail in 10 days. (I usually get about 100 a day). Comcast is "working on it". whatever that means...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A creative block

I am not feeling very creative, lately. I haven't been working on my scrapbook, or sewing, or any embroidery projects. This months Get your Craft on project is "Recycle". Even though I am an avid recycler, I just can't get into it. I am better with patterns, than just making something up. March is almost over, I better get with it! If you have any ideas, please share...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Parenting tips learned at my conference.

The keynote speaker was a very funny and inspiring mom who teaches parenting workshops in Colorado. i bought her book "Buddha never raised kids and Jesus didn't drive carpool". I will let you know how I like it. Here are her main points:
1. Parenting is stressful. You will get angry and you may even yell. (May?)forgive yourself and apologize to those affected.
2. Her number one suggestions was to remain calm. she is really into deep breathing. inhale slowly to the count of 6, hold for 6, then exhale slowly to the count of 6. This can be done any time you are feeling stressed. In the car, while trying to make dinner, etc...
3. Take care of yourself. Exercises, be creative, meditate, whatever you need to do. (eat chocolate?).
4. Try and connect with you children whenever possible, instead of "commanding". Here is an example:
Scenario 1- Mom comes in and starts saying sternly,"it almost time to go, everyone get your things, we're going to be late!"
Scenario 2- Mom comes into the room and sits next to child or gets on their level. Look into their eyes and rubs their back. "Honey, do you know what time it is?" "No". "well, it is almost time to go, where do we go today"? "School". "right, so what do we need to get to go to school?". And then they decide who Will be responsible for what.
No yelling, calm and loving. Of Course, she knows this cannot happen with every interaction, but start small. Aim for one or two a day. Then aim for %70 percent a day. I did it today, and the difference was amazing.
5. Try to give choices, when possible. But you need to be OK with both choices. So do not say "Do you want to go to school, or not?" Say " we can leave now or in 5 minutes".
6. If they choose neither,(IE which shirt would like like, red or blue" and they say "NO!) then say "well, it looks like I will need to choose for you.
7. Acknowledge their feelings. "I see you really want chocolate milk, I wish we had some. What other choice could you make?". Instead of "I told you we don't have any, stop whining about it" (I have actually said this)
8. If you are right in the middle of a stressful situation (this is for you, Mary-Mia) and feel like you are going to loose it, calmly say "Mommy needs a time out". and remove yourself. you could also say to the crying child "I can see that you are upset, but I don't know why, and that is frustrating for me"
9. She says that we praise our kids too much and that they learn to depend on what other people will think. She is into "encouragement instead. Here is the difference.
Praise Encouragement
Good Job You tried really hard
You re' so smart You can figure things out for yourself
be careful That is really high, but I know you can do it.
The key is to be specific and make it about how they are doing, instead of random praise.
Anyway, that is the short version, I hope it helps. I am looking forward to reading the book, but today already felt so much more peaceful at our house so far!

It's our 12 year Anniversary and all I got is...

The Stomach flu. Again. This also happened last year, if you can belieive it. But Happy Anniversary to us, anyway! Here is the picture from last year.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Professional develpoment...

Today and tomorrow I have a conference for work. I realized there was a theme to the workshops I picked. I tried ti do half teacher workshops and half parent workshops, but they all had the same theme: Dealing with the difficult or challenging child. I am struggling with this at home and at work. I think I got some great ideas. if they work, I'll let you know! I also went to a workshop called "Dealing with Parental anger". Can I just tell you how relieved I was that they even had a workshop called that? Ultimately, I learned that I cannot control their behavior. but I can control my reaction to it. Anyway, it was a productive day and I am looking forward to tomorrow. The computer is still not fixed, it may cost $400 to fix it, so I am not sure what we are doing about it. I can't post pictures on Scott's laptop right now, so no pictures for a while. And I am still not receiving any e mail. It is frustrating.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


That is how I will describe this day...I was an hour late to work today. Half the clocks in our house are set correctly and half are not. I couldn't figure out what time it really was, I guess...Someone pointed out that I should have been an hour Early, then, not late. Only I could screw it up that bad. I must have looked at the right time and added an hour. I felt so stupid because everyone was actually worried about me because it isn't like me to be late and not call. Then, Cameron accidentally knocked my laptop off the table and shattered the screen. Double ugg. I wonder how much that will cost. I have not received any of my e mails for 4 days. Comcast cannot seem to tell me why. That is my primary form of communication! I am going to bed now.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Aqaurium...

We haven't been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium since Cameron was one, and I forgot how much fun it is! Stacey got us in with her passes (thanks!) Which was nice,because Even though it is really cool, it is ridiculously expensive...
Cameron and Austin are like two peas in a pod, I tell you! I love to hang out with other people who have 5 and a half year olds, because it makes me realize mine is normal! So here are some pictures...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wer'e on vacation!

Sunrise in monterey (thanks, Day light savings!)
Biking Monterey

Where Cameron actually sat,because he was afraid of the tag along. (even though he already rides a two wheel bike!)

Yes,Cameron IS that close to a wild seal!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Got stickers?

Gracie does. I knew she was way too quiet...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend pictures

I know I have posted pictures of the Japanese Tea Graden before, but I just love there it so much! It is so peaceful...

Friday, March 02, 2007

My First embroidery project...

The symbol means happiness and I want to embroider the word, also. I am thinking of making it into a pillow...I just ordered a bunch more patterns and can't wait to do more