Wednesday, March 14, 2007


That is how I will describe this day...I was an hour late to work today. Half the clocks in our house are set correctly and half are not. I couldn't figure out what time it really was, I guess...Someone pointed out that I should have been an hour Early, then, not late. Only I could screw it up that bad. I must have looked at the right time and added an hour. I felt so stupid because everyone was actually worried about me because it isn't like me to be late and not call. Then, Cameron accidentally knocked my laptop off the table and shattered the screen. Double ugg. I wonder how much that will cost. I have not received any of my e mails for 4 days. Comcast cannot seem to tell me why. That is my primary form of communication! I am going to bed now.


Space Mom said...

Oh no!

Hang in there...the days will get better!

Auntie C said...

If you normally get them through outlook express, try logging on to and entering your password. I was having trouble a while back (it turned out to be a service issue, not my computer) but I was able to get them that way. Good Luck!

Donna said...

Uuugggg is right! I hope it all resolves soon!!

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Kylie's momma said...

Sure hope Thursday was waaay better! Hugs from MT.

Joannah said...


Please email me via the link in my blog so we can figure out the dim sum thing. I can tell you that it will be on April 1, but we're still working on the location.