Monday, May 29, 2006

Great weekend

We have had a great weekend hiking At Point Reyes. Cameron said he wanted to see a light house, so off we went. It took a little longer than we thought to get there, it said it was 30 miles North of SF, but it is such a slow winding road that it took 2 hours! Then we had to hike about a mile to the lighthouse. We were beginning to think there was no lighthouse! It is on the edge of a cliff. We climbed down the 308 steps to it and it was amazing. What a place. Then we had to go back up! Scott was carrying Gracie and the heavy cooler and he ran up-show off! Speaking of my husband, I think he is going to join the marines and just hasn't told me yet. He looses 80 lbs, shaves his head and starts doing this crazy work out called cross fit. They meet at Crissy Field at dark-o-clock in the morning and do one handed push ups and crazy stuff like that...The first day he did it, he came home with bleeding hands, which they promptly took pictures of for the website. Is that supposed to inspire people?? Anyway, that was our fun weekend...Here's some pics.


Jodie said...

"dark o'clock"!! LOL! Love that.

Rhonda said...

So beautiful. You guys are very good about getting out and exploring.

Joannah said...

I love Point Reyes! I once spent a weekend there with a good friend at a cute B&B in Inverness. It's the perfect place to leave the world behind.