Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick update from the land of crazy...

  • I Spilled a quart of paint all over the walls, carpet and new Pottery ba.rn rug, 2 hours before the open house. Thank Goodness for the carpet cleaner I bought with the intention of cleaning my own carpets(yeah, right!). if we never use it again, it was worth every penny!
  • Have had 2 open house and a Realtors tour. No offers, yet.
  • We live in the car. Literally. Did you know that you can get 3 meals a day at Sta.rbuc.ks?
  • I drove by a house today with a huge lemon tree full of lemons. It took everything I had to not stop and ask for some. I might go back tomorrow.
  • It takes me an hour every day to get the house in "walk through condition". I don't have an extra hour every morning. Do you know where I can get one?
  • When staging your house, just turn everything on an angle. (furniture, vases, pictures)it looks better. Go ahead, try it.
  • I haven't been able to take any pictures, because I can't find my camera. I had to drop out of my photography class because I missed so many trying to get the house ready. I am sad.


Kayce said...

I totally know where you are right now, it sucks! I NEVER want to sell and move again! BUT I HATE where I live so I know I'll have to torture myself again someday.

I hope this all ends soon for you.

Michelle said...

You shoud come here! The house will stay in "walk through condition" if you aren't living in it! It has been in the high 80's, and we have a pool.....You can even bring the dog!
I'm taking down a bunch of stuff in the baby's room(don't ask), so you can have the whole extra bedroom to yourself!

Donna said...

I'm sorry but most of this is pretty funny. You'll laugh about it too, someday.



Heather said...

Ack! Having sold two houses in the past seven years, I feel your pain! I get stressed even thinking about that process, which is why we're never moving again. I hope you get a buyer soon!