Friday, July 18, 2008

Could the economy get any worse??

Today I paid $4.69 for a gallon of gas. But the worst thing yet, the realtor asked me to pick up a bunch of lemons to put in a big bowl on the counter for the open house. I went to the store and put them in a bag and brought them up to the register. She rang them up and I did a double take. They are how much? They were $1.60 each. For. Lemons. I did not buy them. Anyone have a lemon tree? Or want to buy a house?


Michelle said...

I don't like how the house looks "staged". Except the upstairs bathroom. I love the color in there.

And they painted over the Princess castle I painted in Gracie's room. Sob! If you think I'm painting something else in her new room, you've got another thing coming!

Unless of course Gracie asks me to.....then of course I couldn't say No!

Kayce said...

OUCH! Does a neighbor have any lemon trees?

jden723 said...

$1.60 a piece for lemons. OMG, its getting so darn crazy!

Donna said...

Hey, she's getting a 6% commission so let her stage your house out of her own pocket!

You know, you can buy fake lemons at Michael's for less than $1.60 each. I have a nice big bowl of fake fruit on my counter and I pile real fruit on top of it when I have it. Nobody can tell the difference unless they try to take a bite!



Jodee Leader said...

P.S. I love your frames! Could you make one to match the flower
quilt I recently posted? Please check it out and let me know! Thanks!

Gen said...

I think a lemon tree is actually cheaper...

Other options

a bowl of lemonheads or lemon drops
a bowl of yellow tennis balls
a bowl of yellow styrofoam balls
a bowl of yellow yarn
a bowl of yellow socks

either way - I agree with most people...let the damn realtor buy the lemons!