Saturday, July 12, 2008

How I am feeling right now...

I was tagged by Susan. This would have been totally different if I had done it on vacation, but here it is!
Tired. On a different time zone and packing all day

Lucky. To have been able to go on a two week vacation with my family.

Panicked. At the thought of getting the house staged by Saturday.

Worried. that the house won't sell.

Hungry. and no food in the house. I guess we will have to go out (oh darn!)


M3 said...
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M3 said...

Good luck with the house staging! When I sold my previous house the stagers worked wonders -- I remember walking through the house after they were done thinking "why the heck didn't I do that earlier?" It was kind of neat to see. (Exhausting living in a staged house though, and I'm sending good thoughts in advance for doing it with kids.)