Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Crafts

Julie from To Tess and back asked what Christmas crafts people have been working on. I have decided to give more hand made gifts this year, so I have actually been pretty busy crafting. Here is what I have so far:
Christmas pails. I plan to give one to all of the kids teachers with cookies or fudge and maybe a gift card...

Paper ornaments. I plan to embellish these a little bit more. This is a kit from Basic Grey. You just Punch them out and fold them.

Peace box. I am not sure who this is for, yet, I might keep it! The same paper is on the inside bottom and it says "wish"

Here is a picture of our new tree. We had to stop getting a real one because I get it so early and it is on the top floor where all the heat goes. By the time Christmas came it was so dead! So I finally got a nice pre-lit one. I love it!


i-Con said...


Michelle said...

Hey, I'm making those pails too! It's like we're twins or something! And I think y ou may have made that box for me, and you don't know it yet:) I'll have to take a look at the pictures you have. I was able to get the pics from the first day, but none from the Capilano Bridge. And those are the ones I wanted! Do you have any of Joe and me on the bridge? Did you get my e-mail about "the letter"? Sheesh, I think it might be easier just to pick up the phone and call.

Jill, Mike & Maya said...

Those pails are sooo cute! Great idea for teacher gifts. I think I'd keep the box too!!
p.s. Love the Vancouver pics. I've always wanted to go there :)

Stephanie said...

I haven't even started any craft projects yet - I am so far behind!

Lisa and Tate said...

You are one clever crafty gal!!!