Friday, September 01, 2006

Commercialism: Catch E'm when they're young!

We don't watch much regular T.V. that has commercials. Most of the channels the kids watch don't show them. But lately, Cameron has been wanting to watch a few shows on regular channels and it is amazing how fast he has caught on (Read: Become addicted) to them! It started one day when I was in the kitchen and he was watching T.V. and he screams "MOOOOOMMMMMMM, Come here, QUICK". I come running asking "what is it, is someone hurt?" He says "We need to call this number Now". Then I bought him some new shoes. I bought these.
I was worried, becuase I knew he really wanted these. But he wasn't upset. No! He said "Thanks Mom, I have always wanted Skechers!" Should I mention that he is Five and that I don't even have Skechers? Then there is the fact that he can't see his toys all over the floor, but he can pick out a McDonald's sign a mile away. Sigh. What's a parent to do?


Shelley said...

Soon, he'll have you buying the "Singing the Greatest Hits" cds. :)

Just wait - Christmas is right around the corner. And soon TV will be rife with kid-targeted ads, designed to suck the cash right out of our wallets.


Mrs. D said...

This really made me laugh! Who doesn't want a pair of Sketchers ;-).

- kristin

Kristin said...

this is the first year my kids have really been brand conscience... bummer for me!

Connie said...

You better put the parental controls on QVC and Home Shopping Network ;0)