Monday, March 27, 2006

Rain, Rain, go away, come again...Oh, just go away!

Sick of this!!!
And This!

Still waiting for this


Auntie C said...

I hear you! We have had so many baseball games canceled, and now they are going to all end up double-headers in April and May, which will mean that between both boys, we'll have 4 games every Saturday. Not to mention the fact that everyone is moody (cause the games were rained out). Shane seems to think it is somehow my fault, because I am typically the one to answer the phone and have to relay the bad news. Maybe that would be my secret power if I could choose. Weather Girl...Hmm... Did you survive Scott's trip? Hope your days went by quickly.

Kisses to the kids from Auntie C

PS.I hope Gracie is doing better. Curtis has been with her in spirit. The nebulizer has been out and in use since last Monday. This bug really kicked his but, we haven't had this much trouble in a while.

Ninotchka said...

That last picture is superb. Hope we both get a break from ER's and sickness. Thanks for stopping by! I wrote about our visit today.

I love your blankets. I've made one before. They're fun! Wish I had more money and time to make lots of them. :)

Lastly, I think you should go to your Mom's weekend and then opt out of the bar thing. I wouldn't like that much myself, I don't think.