Monday, January 16, 2006

Nebulizer Treatment...

Cameron took this picture, not too bad! I look tired, though!
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Carrie said...

Hey Lisa,
I have shots of Curtis looking exactly the same... Do you have one of the face straps? It is a little piece of elastic that will anchor it on her face. My deal with Curtis used to be that if he wore his mask (we pretended he was a space man) until the bell rang (timer set for 15 min.) then he would get a treat or we could play a game, or read a story after. It took a bit of trainging, but it worked.

Give the kids a few xoxo's from me!
Auntie C

Chris Ayers & Kelly Kline said...

Ahh, we are so hopeful that Helen grows out of asthma... We could really live without the daily (or more) treatments. I guess that the winter season is particularly bad. What has your experience been with Gracie?

Catie&Meigan'sMom said...

Hi Lis..
Meigan's in her 2nd bout with pneumonia (as you know)....these girls seem to be susceptible to upper respiratory issues....asthma? who ped can't say....maybe yours can.....I know from friends with their bio kids, who had upper resp. issues, that would turn into asthma symptoms...that they all grew out of....

what a guessing game it all is..

your travel pal