Tuesday, August 29, 2006

School starts WHEN?

I think going back to work will be good for me. We have kept pretty busy this summer, until now. I have now entered the "I don't have to shower or get dressed because there is nowhere to go" phase of summer. And it isn't pretty. I went out to get the mail and my neighbor was out watering his plants. I smiled and waved and didn't understand why he looked at me funny until I got back inside and realized I am wearing my purple flannel pajama pants(it is freezing here today) and my old sweatshirt. It is 4:30 in the afternoon. Scott just called to say he was going to a meeting tonight and I was actually excited because now I don't have to cook dinner! We can have cereal! All of our friends have already started school, most of them have gone to Kindergarten. Sigh. I feel left out. But this is the best choice for my child, I know this. I just have to get through this week. Next week we decided to take one last trip for the summer and go down south to the beach, this time all together. It will be fun. And then when school starts I will be complaining how busy I am.


Old Lush said...

I actually love cereal for dinner. (or late night snacks) In fact, I think cereal is my new addiction.

Ninotchka said...

I love cereal-for-dinner night. Easy! I love easy!

I love all the short trips you're taking. Enjoy next week's!