Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sick. Do you see a pattern here????????

Bronchitis this time. She has been wheezing and this time the nebulizer wasn't helping(You don't need to see more pictures of it, right?)Then she got a fever. So off to the doctor we went. He asked her if it hurt anywhere and she pointed to her ribcage on the left side. He listened with the stethoscope and he said she had an infection and
he couldn't hear air moving freely in that spot. So, it was hurting there! Genius child...Now we are on antibiotics and the nebulizer-you guessed it-every four hours.If she isn't better by tonight it is time for the big guns-steroids. I pray she is better by tonight so we can sleep...Are my posts sounding redundant? Sorry.

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Catie&Meigan'sMom said...

hey Lis!
Meigan was sick over the long weekend...again...thought her pneumonia was back...again....she had all the symptoms, high fevers (over 103)..horrendous cough, throwing up (on me, none the less)..AND we were in the snowstorm in Tahoe...excellent...recipe?? LOTS of motrin for her, and LOTS of wine for me...luckily it is a bronchial thing as the fever only lasted for 2 days.. hope Gracie is better now...