Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why I don't get my haircut very often...

They always, always, always, cut off more than I ask them to! I am trying to grow it out and grow out my bangs, Gracie's too, any advice? It is in her face all the time! I have tried clips, mousse, pony tail holders...it won't stay to the side! Help! But back to my hair. one of the problems could be that I go to the same place as the kids and pay like $18.00. So here I sit with my "chin length" hair! (what does "I'm trying to grow it out" mean to you?) Then there are the stupid comments.
Her-"That's your daughter?"
her-"she don't look like you"
Me-"No, she was adopted"
Her-"You don't want you own kids?"
Me-"Ummm, they are my own kids. I have one biological and one adopted"
Her-"Oh, you have one of your own. Why didn't you try for another?"
Me-"Ummm, I did. I adopted her
I need a new haircut place.


Kristin said...

Yeah, why don't you get yourself some "real", "natural" kids of "your own"!

Eva wears her bangs long and layered... makes them easy to clip up to one side, but still, they're usually in her face!

Ninotchka said...

yeah, you do need a new salon. grrrrr.....

i-Con said...

Yeah, you DO need a new hair place. Grrrr to them.

Donna said...

I've heard about this from lots of other people but never had this line of questioning until last week when we went downtown (San Jose) to get Maddy's passport.

A woman in her late 20's approached us to admire the girls and was visibly shocked to see that they were obviously adopted. The first words out of her mouth was "Why didn't their parents want them?"

We explained that our children understand and speak fluent english and can hear her question. She seemed sorry but before drawing another breath, she asked:

"How much did they cost?"

Usually, I'm happy to share all I know about adoption with anyone who is genuinely interested. This woman wasn't hostile or mean spirited -- she just didn't seem to have any filters. Whatever came into her head, immediately exited through her mouth!

As the girls get older, I get much more uncomfortable and impatient with this sort of ignorance.

Good thing YOU didn't have those sharp scissors in your hand!



Kylie's momma said...

Oh my heck...good to know your world is full of idiots some days too Grrrr! As for growing out your bangs...G@D bless you ! I did it once and once was enough. Tho' I did have success with those little clippys (that come in the teeny tiny to bigger sizes) to help keep it back (not in Kylie's hair tho'!). And as for Kylie..she can't wait till she's old enough to deal with it before I ever will try it! good luck and happy growing! Susan trying to grow her hair out too...why do we put ourselves thru this somedays?!

princess teri said...

i feel lucky that i've havent' run into those kind of people yet...yikes how terrible!

i am half japanese and my hair also falls into my face...i have always had to have bangs...my theory is that asian hair simply lays forward at the crown (towards the forehead) - not back - requiring bangs or heavyduty restraints...unless its grown so long that it falls below the shoulder and the shoulders hold the hair back.

Space Mom said...

First, you need a new place. I would be pissed enough at the over cutting, but even more at the attitude.

Second, we are letting Soleil grow out her bangs. They are now down to the bridge of her nose. I can now pin them back with barretts. What worked in the beginning was those tiny tiny tiny little butterfly clips. I would use 2-3 of those to hold the bangs back when they were just over her eyebrows.

Give it a few months. Don't let her hair drive you nuts.

Everyone Has a Story... said...

What? no picture?
Anyway, I like those thick stretchy headbands they are like two inches wide, look fashionable, come in all colors and does the job!!!
Good luck!