Friday, January 04, 2008

Batten down the hatches!!

It's the storm of the century! Rain! Near hurricane force winds! (seriously, is 40mph "near hurricane" force? wait, let me look it up...Hurricane force starts at 64 knots...)The rest of the country must laugh at us...At least we can stay in our Pj's all day and enjoy the weather...
Other things on my mind. The tiger attack at the zoo. The whole thing just makes me sad. I have pictures of that tiger. We have a season pass, but I am not sure I will be able to go back. Not because I am scared that we might get attacked by a wild animal, just because it is sad. I have never been a huge fan of our zoo. It is old. a lot of the enclosures are way too small(including the one that tiger was in). Two of the elephants and the hippo have died. I don't know who was at fault. Certainly the wall should have been higher. But now they are saying that the kids may have had slingshots. I am sorry, but if you are throwing shoes and hitting a tiger with slingshots, maybe you should think twice. I am sad that they had to kill the tiger. they couldn't have sedated it and sent it out to some animal refuge to live? I am sad that a person had to die. Sad. that is all I can say about it...

*I realize that there are parts of California in danger of flooding by all the rain. But we are not one of them..

**Do not mock Mother nature! Not five minutes after I wrote this, the power went out! And stayed out for two hours. But guess what? there are things to do besides watch T.V. and play the play uno and draw!

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auntie c said...

We are that part of California. Hopefully, all of our the people in our hood have been good about clearing out leaves and junk from the gutters to allow for proper drainage. I am also worried about our fences. When we built our house we had to have special beams placed that even houses two streets to the south of us didn't need because we are on the bluff and the wind corridor is crazy where we live. A couple of years ago when we last had these rain and wind predictions we did have big parts of our fences fall. Unfortunatly, we are the inner side, and unless our neighbors secure them from their end, their is nothing we can do. Keep your fingers crossed!

Kiss to the kids!
Auntie C