Saturday, June 09, 2007

Since I am taking a break from my own blog while visiting my sister, I decided to hijack hers. Lisa and Scott are out and I am babysitting, so there is nothing she can do about it. Mwahahahahaha! I have some photos to upload, but here are some highlights of our trip so far:
-Coming up here to visit was definitely the cure for the doldrums I was feeling at home with nothing to do. It has been Go, Go, Go since we got here! I don't think I could keep up with this family for more than a week.
-A couple of days ago on a visit to Target, Gracie had a COW over I can't even remember what and was so busy screaming she forgot to tell us she had to go to the bathroom and when I picked her up she peed all over me. Lovely. She continued to scream for another twenty minutes and people were staring at us and I had pee all over me for the rest of the day until we went home. Fun stuff.
-Today we went to the pool and Gracie laid her towel on the chair next to me and said "I'm gonna sit right here and have another beer in Mexico." Ha! (If you aren't into Country music, it is a song by Kenny Chesney of the same name)
-In the car, the following conversation took place:
Gracie: "When you gonna grow a baby in your tummy Aunt Shell?"
Me: "Oh, Aunt Michelle can't grow a baby in her tummy. My babymaking parts are gone."
Cameron chimes in with : "Well when are you going to China to get Sophie?"
Me: "Not for a long, long time."
Cameron: "Why don't you just take Gracie?"
Me: "Gracie, would you like to come live with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Joe?"
Gracie: "Yes!"
Well O.K. then. I guess that's settled. Now I just have to get Lisa and Scott to agree! :)
-At the pool today I sat in the sun and watched the kids swim for over two hours and forgot to put sunscreen on(Smacks self in forehead) and I got FRIED. Duh! I forgot to put sunscreen on Cameron too(I'll make a great Mother someday), but luckily he wears long shorts and a swimshirt so it was just his face that got burnt.
-Right before bed Lisa and Scott's dog slammed Gracie into the stair banister and she hurt her shoulder. She was crying when I put her to bed and I came upstairs and she cried for forty minutes before it occurred to me that her arm might actually be injured and I went down to check on it. I thought she was crying because she didn't want to go to sleep. Yeah, I think I might be up for an "Aunt of the Year" award.(Her arm turned out to be fine. She said she was crying because she wanted her Mommy. I am such a caring, sensitive Aunt.)
-I have tons of photos to post, including some cute kitten pictures and some Monkey Lovin'. You'll just have to wait and see. is much easier to find things to post about when it isn't my blog. I may have to hijack Lisa's blog more often!

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Kylie's momma said...

Too funny! Don't worry I was the same kind of Auntie before we got our Kylie. You'll be GREAT at both when your time comes. Great stories Michelle. And all so true!