Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Busiest Day. Ever

Is it only Tuesday? Becuase I have done enough stuff today to last the whole week. Here is how our day broke down:
8:30-AM Speech for Cameron
9:15- quick work out at the gym
10:30-before school playdate at the park
11:15-School starts, drop Gracie off at the nursery, work in Cameron's class. Spent the afternoon stopping wild boys "ninja turtle" play and girls social "you can't play with us" issues.
2:15- schools out, back to park for another playdate.
3:15- on our way to gymnastics, I hit a curb and get a flat tire.
3:45-Tow truck comes, fixes tire
4:00-4:30-listen to kids scream in the car because we aren't
going to Gymnastics.
4:30-Kids are watching a movie, I am blog surfing. AHHHH
Now, what to make for dinner?

P.S. I am still sharing a computer, which is why I haven't commented much lately. I am getting a new laptop soon!
P.S.S. If you eat a whole box of Weight Watchers Lemon Cakes, it is still only 6 points!


Yan said...

What a happy family:)

Ninotchka said...

6 points, woohoo! I just broke down my Monday for a friend in an email today. I can pack a hell of a lot into a day, man! lol

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Good God woman!!! You are insanely busy. I think you might need a whole case of those lemon bars after that day. :-0

Michelle said...

I wanna play!
5:30 alarm clock goes off. Stumble out of bed.
6:15 leave for work
6:45-3:15 Work. Deal with boys "Butt" and "Fart" issues. We have no girl issues, as we have fifteen boys and only three girls.
3:15-4:00 Drive on the freeway
4:00-5:00 Therapy
5:00-5:30 Grocery store and pharmacy. Pick up fried chicken for dinner(Healthy, I know).
6:15 sitting on couch, watching the rest of Dancing with the Stars(taped). Tired.

At least my day didn't include kids screaming in the car OR a flat tire!

C.J. said...

Ok...that's tiring.

How about a whole box of See's candies? 4 zillion points?

Kayce said...

Oh yes the hit the curb tire thing...I've done that before! :(

Stephanie said...

I have been on a WW kick lately, so if you ever feel like sharing your little food tidbits with some other people, check out www.knitblogcount.wordpress.com!

kris said...

I'm tired just from reading. Holy cow.

Jodie said...

After a day like that, I'd eat 2 boxes of yummy lemon cakes and a whole bunch of other stuff too! Sometimes it's good to be busy, but the flat tire would have killed it for me!

Shelley said...

I think a day like that calls for at least 2 boxes of Lemon Cakes. :)

Good grief, lady. Slow down. :)


Kylie's momma said...

Eeew! What a day! I think a momma spa day is in order! C'mon where are some of those cool new pictures from your neato new camera? Hugs from MT! Hang in there!
PS. So are those WW cakes really good? Been seeing them at Target and they look delish! So enjoy yourself you derserved it!