Monday, December 04, 2006

Gettin' Crafty

I saw this little guy at a craft show this weekend and thought it would be perfect to make for my kids at school for Christmas. If only I had a sewing machine! So My sister gave me this, an early christmas present (which I saw on Nino's site and had to have. yes, I copy everything from her!)So I set about making it. It is a candy holder, isn't he cute? I am very proud of myself!


Stephanie said...

Ahhh, love the Hello Kitty machine! I also love other people getting crafty. - stephanie

Connie said...

Love it...almost good enoough to eat ;0)!!! If he were in the same room with my gingerbread candle I WOULD probably take a bite out of him!

Michelle said...

I'm glad it's easy to use. Maybe we can sew some stuff while I am there at Christmas.