Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Big Move...

Wow, has it really been over a month since my last post?So much has been going on. From the staging of the house to sell, to open houses and living in a staged house (sucks!), to finally renting our house out and not being able to find a place to live...at one point we had 2 weeks to get out and nowhere to live. Stress!!! To Grace having a hard time in Kindergarten and trying ro decide what to do about it (and still deciding...I suggest holding back those fall birthday kids...)to the move, which is 10 times harder with kids than I ever though it could be. We moved very close to my work and the kids school, which is so awesome. But it is a MUCH smaller house with ONE bathroom! We came from a big house with 3 bathrooms!! But the neighborhood is so great, the kids can actually go outside and play! One of my new neighbors brought me flowers and welcomed us to the neighborhood, that has never happened before...So now it is unpacking, getting ready for Halloween, etc...Sadly, I may be done with the blog...It's been 3 years and I just feel like I have nothing new to say. I may still post pictures and definitely check up on my blog friends! Here are some Halloween pics.
Grace drew the face on hers and I carved it...I love this picture because Cameron looks like a Jack O' Lantern with his missing teeth!

Cameron's first Jack O' Lantern. He carved it by himself!


Kayce said...

Yea! I'm so glad you guys were able to find a place, sorry about the one bathroom though. I will sure miss your blogging, but completely understand. Keep the pictures coming if you can...I love the smiles!

Anonymous said...

Awww, do keep the pics coming and update when you can but don't go entirely. I'd miss hearing from you too much!

Have fun settling in to your new home. The neighborhood sounds wonderful and I like the idea of a cozier space, myself. :)

Kylie's momma said...

Oh no wonder....glad to hear about your move and way sorry to hear about your bathroom situation! Hang in there Grace with Kgarten. Love love the pumpkins! Hope you don't disappear...you'll be missed! Wish I could help..... Take care Lisa. Hugs from a Mooner in MT

Donna said...

Wow! What crazy (stressful) times! I'll miss seeing Cameron and Grace more often but please do keep posting when the mood strikes. How about showing us your new digs?


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

PS: I emailed you but it bounced? Email me if you're free this Saturday.

Donna said...

Hope all is well! It's been so long since your last post!

Merry Christmas!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!