Monday, August 27, 2007

Look who's Forty!!

It's official, you're old!! Here are just a few pictures from the Birthday weekend!


Michelle said...

FORTY? Sheesh. That IS old! :) Unfortunately, we are not that far behind!

Auntie C said...

I talked to the OLD MAN this morning and wished him well. I sent a gift certificate to your home email, and his card is in the regular mail. I felt like a flake for not picking out something special, but I was just uninspired this year.

What is the skinny on Cameron's kindergarten situation?

kiss the kids,
auntie C

C.J. said...

Forty is just a young, young pup!

Happy Birthday :0)

Shelley said...

40 is nothin'. Congrats and enjoy.

Happy birthday!!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Scot!!
geesh, I'm older than you!!

Like the 2 cupcakes with the #s on them...better than a cake with 40 candles!

The Van Weeles