Saturday, October 14, 2006

I got nothin'.

Sorry, but true. Nothing to say. Work, eat, sleep, play with kids. Repeat. Nothing interesting at all. And yet, I still write about it. They are considering kicking out the really aggressive kid at school, which would make my life (at work) easier, but I am feeling guilty. Where is he going to go? I just wish we could help him in some way. My kids are not perfect, and Cameron certainly has his issues. What if his teacher just decided to kick him out? Now, his issues are nothing compared to this child, but still. It is hard. Oh, and I might be out of a job next year because they may combine the pre-k classes and the pre-k aide might take my job. I was surprisingly sad about it. Oh, look, I did have something to say after all.


Kathy and Joel said...

As difficult as it is to see a child taken out of a classroom, we as teachers have to also consider the safety and well being of all the other students in our classes who deserve a happy and safe learning environment.
Most school will provide ongoing support in a different environment until the specific child gets the help he or she needs that is above and beyond what can be done in the classroom.
It hurts and to see a child seemingly dismissed can never be easy. I'll be thinking about you and this child. Take good care.

Kristin said...

Do we need to have a pre-K aide smackdown? Cuz we can totally get rid of that woman if you want to keep your posistion... ;-)

Michelle said...

Oh, that sucks about the job. They don't have any other positions open?